Dhamma Talk by Bhikkhu Muditananda

November 18, 2017

Dighajanu Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya 8.54


Four qualities that lead to the welfare and happiness in this present life:

  1. An accomplishment of initiative (utthana-sampada)

                Whatever the job a householder has, he should be skillful and diligent. He should

                possess sound judgment about it in order to carry out and arrange it properly.

  1. An accomplishment in protection (arakkha-sampada)

               A householder should protect and guard over the wealth he has acquitted by all his

               efforts to prevent anyone from taking it or anything from destroying it.

  1. Associated with good friends (kalyanamitta)

               A householder should associate and engage in discussions with good friends who

               have full of faith (saddha), full of virtue (sila), full of generousity (caga), and

               full of wisdom (pañña).

  1. Balanced livelihood (sama-jivikata).

               A householder should know his income expenses that leads a balanced life, neither

               extravagant nor miserly, knowing that thus his income will stand in excess of his

              expenses, but not his expenses in excess of his income.

Four factors that destroyed householders’ wealth: womanizing, drunkenness, gambling, and associated with bad friends.

Four conditions that lead to the welfare and happiness in future lives:

  1. An accomplishment in faith (saddha-sampada)

               Herein a householder places faith in the Enlightenment of the Tathagata.

               The Blessed One is an arahant, teacher of devas and humans, The Enlightened

               One, the Blessed One.

  1. An accomplishment in virtue (sila-sampada)

               Herein a householder abstains from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and

               from intoxicants, the basis for heedlessness.

  1. An accomplishment in generosity (caga-sampada)

              Herein a householder dwells at home with a heart devoid of the stain of

             miserliness, freely generous,  open-handed, delighting in generosity,

             attending to the needy, delighting in the distribution of alms.

  1. An accomplishment in wisdom (pañña-sampada)

              Herein a householder is wise: he is endowed with wisdom that understands the

             arising and cessation (of the five aggregates of existence);  he is possessed of the

             noble penetrating insight that leads to the destruction of suffering.



(Source : Dighajanu Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya 8.54,  https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/an/an08/an08.054.nara.html)


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