An Expert on the Dhamma
If, after learning the meaning and Dhamma of even a four-line verse, One practices in accordance with the Dhamma, That is enough for one to be called ‘a learned expert on the Dhamma.’ (Anguttara Nikaya 4.186.6)
Spiritual Friendship
If you find a wise person. Who points out your faults and corrects you, You should follow such a sage. As you would a revealer of treasures. It is better, never worse. To follow such a sage. (Dhammapada - verse 76)
Don't waste your time, practice in daily life
Hard to gain is birth as man; hard is the life of mortals; hard to get is the opportunity of hearing the Ariya Dhamma (Teaching of the Buddhas); hard it is for a Buddha to appear. (Dhammapada - verse 182)


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